Video – Ian Welcomes You to CusickGallery !

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Thank you to Ian who recently recorded this greeting for all of CusickGallery followers!  He loves his fans and we love him!

CusickGallery is everywhere on the web…we hope you’re visiting our sites often and as Ian would say…..Mahalo!!






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‘The Passage’ Star Henry Ian Cusick on ‘Lost’-Like Backstory Episode

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Source: ‘The Passage’ Star Henry Ian Cusick on ‘Lost’-Like Backstory Episode

Dr. Jonas Lear (Henry Ian Cusick) feels responsible for what’s happening on Fox’s “The Passage.” That’s fair because, well, he kinda started it. And on Monday’s episode of the new drama, we will see how.

We spoke with Cusick ahead of his backstory-heavy installment — which TheWrap has an exclusive sneak peek from in the clip above — to find out how we’ll dive into the scientist’s story next week, in an episode that is similar to all the ones the actor did while playing Desmond on “Lost.”

“What’s at the core of Jonas Lear this whole season is guilt,” Cusick said. “The guilt about what he’s brought upon his best friend [Dr. Tim Fanning (played by Jamie McShane)] and these test subjects and the world.”

And Lear isn’t exactly fully on board with what they are doing here.

“At his core, he must feel he’s doing something that’s not morally correct because he’s working on condemned prisoners who haven’t been given the choice and don’t really know what they’re taking and how that’s going to affect them,” Cusick said.

“Would they choose death or would they choose to be a vampire? Which would you choose? You know, they haven’t really been given an honest choice,” he continued. “And then to bring a little girl into it who has done nothing wrong, I think that is when he starts thinking this is wrong.”

“But what’s interesting about Lear is he doesn’t stand up and say, ‘No this is wrong, I’m out. I’m going to call the press. What you guys are doing is morally and politically wrong and illegal, possibly,’” the actor added. “But he stays there because he feels that they’re very close to the cure and he would rather be part of this organization than be pushed out. He needs to stick around, so he’s in that moral conundrum of ‘What do I do?’”

OK, now let’s address whole “vampire” part, because the show goes back and forth between referencing this new race of bloodsucking beings as “virals” — and making the clear connection to them as vampires. We asked Cusick why “The Passage” has a hard time walking this line with the phrase.

“So these things, because they’re lab-created, we infected these people with the virus that makes them lust for blood, that keeps them in the dark, that makes them averse to sunlight — so they are genetically-created,” Cusick said. “There is no such thing as vampires, that’s a myth. But we actually created these things. And what we did was we over-activated their thyroid gland that would make them immune to all these diseases. But the side effects are they cannot stand sunlight and they have a strange lusting for human blood. So that’s why we call them virals.”

When it comes to the actual story in Episode 102, titled “You Owe Me a Unicorn,” of how Lear became who he is today, Cusick said he was very much on board with revisiting a backstory format — something he’s all-too-familiar with after spending many seasons shooting “Lost.”

“I love backstory,” he said. “I enjoyed it in ‘Lost.’ And we have quite a large ensemble, as on ‘Lost.’ And when you knew it was your episode, you knew you were going in to be in that episode heavy. And we all want to go into our story and explore our backstory and characters. So it’s something we love and it helps move the story along. It also helps the audience invest in characters to know exactly where they came from and where they are now. To think where you were five years ago, as to where you are now, as to where you might be in 10 years. So backstory is a lot of fun for that and I think audiences like that for that reason as well. And it’s not just ‘Lost’ that did it, although ‘Lost’ did it very well. And I hope we do more of it, because I think the more you know about a character, the more you invest in them.”

“The Passage” airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox.

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Lost star Henry Ian Cusick returns in The Passage clip |

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Source: Lost star Henry Ian Cusick returns in The Passage clip |

JAMES HIBBERD January 17, 2019 at 03:31 PM EST

Lost fan favorite Henry Ian Cusick is a big part of the second episode of Fox’s new apocalyptic vampire thriller The Passage.

Above is an exclusive look at the show’s Monday episode that gets heavily into the backstory of his character, Dr. Jonas Lear. The Passage is based on Justin Cronin’s novels about a government experiment on prisoners that goes horribly awry. In this clip, Lear tests an experimental virus on a Death Row inmate volunteer, Anthony Carter (McKinley Belcher III).

The Passage premiered earlier this week to rather decent ratings, ranking as the night’s highest-rated drama series.

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Ian interviewed by Fox 11 in LA last Friday, about his new show, The Passage.

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He portrays scientist Dr. Jonas Lear in this epic series.

Apple/iPhone users, view top video.

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Ian discusses Dr Jonas Lear and his role in The Passage

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Interview with Ian, where he reveals a certain truth about actors…

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Something wicked…tainted…

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The Passage premieres tomorrow at 9/8c on Fox

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Amazing promos, fantastic music, excellent actors, compelling story!

The creator of the cure #ProjectNoah

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HIC on The Passage on Fox as Dr. Jonas Lear

Monday 1/14/19 at 9E/8C

The Passage – Everything Will Change In A Week!

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Enjoy this short promo video with our guy! Get ready for The Passage, premiering in ONE WEEK on Fox! Monday, Jan 14 9/8c

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The Passage Premieres In One Week – Early Screenings This Week In Major Cities!

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Most of us will watch The Passage one week from tonight when it has it’s television premiere on Monday, January 14 with premieres to follow in the UK and Italy!

However this week, the show is screening in five different US cities beginning tonight! In order, it will play in Atlanta Jan. 7…..New York City Jan 8…..Houston Jan 8……..Los Angeles Jan 9…..and San Francisco Jan 10 !

The NYC and LA screenings will have cast members in attendance and there will be a panel Q&A session too!

*** Ian will be attending the LA screening! Fans in or near the LA area, don’t miss your chance to see him!***

Tickets for the screenings can be pre purchased (recommended) at this link:

Passage Screenings

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