Video – Ian Welcomes You to CusickGallery !

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Thank you to Ian who recently recorded this greeting for all of CusickGallery followers!  He loves his fans and we love him!

CusickGallery is everywhere on the web…we hope you’re visiting our sites often and as Ian would say…..Mahalo!!






CusickGallery Twitter 



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SDCC2018 Welcomes Ian and The Passage Cast!!

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*The Passage Cast Members…..photographed at SDCC2018 by LA Times photographer Jay L. Clendenin*

Yesterday, July 20, 2018 San Diego Comic Con welcomed Henry Ian Cusick, along with his Passage cast mates…….Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Saniyya Sydney, Jamie McShane, Executive Producer Liz Heldens, Executive Producer, Director Jason Ensler, and book author Justin Cronin!

The Passage is Ian’s newest project in which he’ll play Dr. Jonas Lear…..the show will premiere in February 2019 on Fox and we are very excited to see Ian in this new role!

The group did several interviews along with hosting the premiere screening of the pilot episode of The Passage. Afterward they held a Q&A panel session.

Below are some interview videos, we hope you enjoy them. They can also be viewed in our playlist on the CusickGallery Youtube channel.  In addition, there is a photo album up in our gallery with tons of pics from the day!

We hope you enjoy browsing through it, feel free to “right click and save”……and we give a huge shout out to all those who shared their photos!   SDCC2018 Photo Album

Be sure and check out our Twitter page, where we have done our best to capture the spirit and excitement of the day through fans’s tweets everywhere! @cusickgallery 

Our Instagram and Facebook has con coverage too, look for us on those social media platforms too.

Our motto is All Ian, All The Time and we love bringing him to you!  Mahalo!

Fox: The Passage Cast at Comic Con 2018


TVLine: The Passage Cast Interview – SDCC


Entertainment Tonight: Comic Con 2018: The Cast Of The Passage Reveal What They Want Fans To Know


Fox: The Passage Cast At The Viral Encounter


Showbiz Junkies: The Passage – Henry Ian Cusick, Jamie McShane Interview The Passage – Henry Ian Cusick, Jamie McShane Interview

Fox: The Passage Panel at Comic Con 2018


Fox: The Passage at Comic Con 2018: Fans React

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The 100 – The Warriors Will – Mr. Director – Henry Ian Cusick!

The 100 12 July 2018 | Comments Off on The 100 – The Warriors Will – Mr. Director – Henry Ian Cusick!

Hello HIC fans!!  The time is drawing near……….!

This Tuesday, July 17 marks the date we will watch a new episode of The 100……5×10……The Warriors Will……..directed by Ian!  We learned last fall, Ian would be directing an episode in the 5th season…after previously directing The Other Side, in season 4.

Jason Rothenberg spoke of Ian and his directing on a Metastation Podcast a few months back and we’ve been excited to see this episode for such a long time, it’s so great to know we only have a few more days to wait!!

Press articles for Ian and The Warriors Will: 

Stephanie Velez/

The 100 season 5 episode 10 spoilers: next episode, ‘The Warriors Will,’ to be directed by Henry Ian Cusick

The 100 season 5 episode 10 spoilers: Henry Ian Cusick directs! 


Last year we were treated to some BTS pics of Ian directing his first 100 episode.


We have not seen any from this season’s episode but we are crossing fingers and hoping something gets tweeted from the 100 writers!

Be sure to watch The Warriors Will on July 17 at the new time for The 100…….8 PM EST on The CW!

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Ian’s Returning to SDCC This Year!!

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News was announced yesterday that has caused quite a bit of excitement among fans!!

That news being, The Passage will be making it’s premiere at SDCC2018 and several cast members, including Ian will have a panel session afterward!

Lucky are the fans who will be able to attend both of these!

We are thrilled because it’ll mean new photos and hopefully new video of our gorgeous guy!

For fans who don’t know, The Passage is a new series coming to Fox TV in early 2019. It’s based on the trilogy of books by Justin Cronin.  Ian will have a recurring role as Dr. Jonas Lear and we are so very excited to see him in this new project!

Don’t fear though The 100 fans, as of now we have heard no news of Ian leaving the 100, so we’re hoping this means we’ll have not one but two men, Ian will continue to bring us. We love Marcus Kane too!  We have heard however, there will be no 100 panel at the con this year. They will be missed for sure! Season 5 is shaping up to be one of their best seasons and we are hoping you are watching it along with us.

In the meantime….read more about The Passage’s appearance at SDCC2018 here, including what other cast members will be appearing with Ian.


20th Century Fox TV Heads To Comic-Con With ‘The Passage’, ‘The Gifted’ Season 2, ‘The Orville’ & More

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Two Video Clips Previews with Kane For Tonight’s Episode of The 100!

HIC's in there,The 100 26 June 2018 | Comments Off on Two Video Clips Previews with Kane For Tonight’s Episode of The 100!

Here’s two different peeks of Kane and company from tonight’s episode of The 100, 5×08 titled How We Get To Peace.

The 100 airs at 9 pm est tonight on The CW.

There will be a one week break next week and then it will return on July 10 at a new earlier time at 8 pm est. for the remainder of season 5.





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New Interview: ‘Henry Ian Cusick and The Fascination With the End of The World’

HIC's in there,Interviews 5 June 2018 | Comments Off on New Interview: ‘Henry Ian Cusick and The Fascination With the End of The World’

Ian recently did an online Spanish interview talking about season 5 of The 100, which fangirl Emma @emma_hic  translated into English for Ian’s fans.  Below is the translation accompanied by the link to the original interview at   For easy reading, click on the interview screencaps to enlarge print.

Thank  you again Emma!



Henry Ian Cusick y la fascinación por el fin del mundo  

Comicpalooza Con!

HIC's in there,Public appearances 3 June 2018 | Comments Off on Comicpalooza Con!

For the lucky fans who attended Comicpalooza  May 25-27, 2018 and met Ian, it was a weekend to remember!  In addition, if they were LOST fans too, they were treated to meetings with Nestor Carbonell, Michael Emerson, Francois Chau and MC Gainey too!

A few of us here at CusickGallery were able to go and were treated to many delightful moments with our favorite guy!

If you ever have the opportunity to see Ian at a fan convention, go! He loves meeting fans and will enjoy meeting you as much as you’ll enjoy meeting him. We guarantee it!

We have put up an album in the gallery from Compicpalooza with many pictures of Ian with his fans……if your picture is in there, and you don’t wish it to be, please let us know. We’ll respectively take it out….if you don’t see your picture in there and want it to be, please let us know and we’ll be only too happy to include it in!

As always, a huge “THANK YOU” to Himself for taking the time to make each one of his fans feel so very special!


*Photo credit: Gregory Godfrin on Facebook*


*Photo credit: Larry D Escher on Facebook*


The link to the album is here:  Houston Comicpalooza Con 

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Official Trailer ‘The Passage’ From Fox

HIC's in there,Upcoming projects 14 May 2018 | Comments Off on Official Trailer ‘The Passage’ From Fox

Our first looks of Ian are here in the official trailer for Fox’s The Passage! Slated to come to our TVs in the fall!

We’re so excited to see Ian in the recurring role of Dr. Jonas Lear!  We sure like what we see already!

Here’s a clip with Ian…….followed by the full trailer below it.



The Passage/IMDb

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Register for Jambios Today and View New Video By Ian!

HIC's in there 9 May 2018 | Comments Off on Register for Jambios Today and View New Video By Ian!

Hi HIC fans!!

If you aren’t registered on yet, now might be a good time to do so! 

Ian recently answered fans’ questions and it’s viewable only to Jambios members. It’s quick, easy and free so register today!

Ian is the official spokesperson for Jambios and through it, users can write down and save memories of their life. It’s totally private and only you have the option to share any memory with whomever you like…..

Give it a try, oh and did we mention you’ll get to view his Q&A video too?  (we think that’s worth mentioning again!)

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The 100 ‘Pandora’s Box’ 5.04

HIC's in there,The 100 9 May 2018 | Comments Off on The 100 ‘Pandora’s Box’ 5.04

From previews of next week’s episode of The 100,  Kane fans may be more than a little worried!

It showed him entering the “fight to the death” arena, where those in the bunker who commit crimes against Wonkru are sentenced!  How did he get there, why is there, what did he do??

We love this promo video edit version for Pandora’s Box made by fangirl, Sabrina on Twitter @syfynity 

Check it out and here’s to Kane’s safety and victory next week! Tune in May 15, 9/8c on The CW

From Express:

“The 100 season 5, episode 4 promo: What will happen next in Pandora’s Box?”

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