Video – Ian Welcomes You to CusickGallery !

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Thank you to Ian who recently recorded this greeting for all of CusickGallery followers!  He loves his fans and we love him!

CusickGallery is everywhere on the web…we hope you’re visiting our sites often and as Ian would say…..Mahalo!!






CusickGallery Twitter 



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The Passage Premieres on January 14, 2019!

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We’re so thrilled! HIC fans have the premiere date for The Passage, released by Fox!

This is Ian’s new TV series and it’s premiering on Monday, January 14, 2019 at 9 pm!

So, not much longer for us to wait to meet and get to know better, the ever intriguing Dr. Jonas Lear!

In addition to the premiere date, Fox also released a brand new extended trailer:



Fangirl Sabrina @syfynity   made this lovely video snippet of Ian’s scenes from the trailer and kindly gave us permission to use it on our sites. Thank you so much Sabrina!


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Happy 2nd Anniversary ‘Quien’!

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Hardly seems like two years ago but it has been since Ian released his first ever recorded song, titled Quien!

October 15, 2016 was the date and all of Ian’s fans were thrilled finally hearing Ian’s lovely voice in song!

Thank you, thank you Ian for this special gift……should you decide to do more song writing and recording, we won’t mind at all!  🙂

In celebration of Quien’s 2nd anniversary, fangirl Shannon O’Brien @smobrien24  made this very beautiful “Thank You” for Ian and all who participated with him on Quien.

Shannon was assisted with translation of the lyrics by Josefina @sonmisalas 

Thank you to both Shannon and Jo for sharing with Ian’s fans!

If you haven’t yet heard Quien or want to hear it again….and again!…….listen to it here on Ian’s soundcloud channel:  

*Click on Quien image to view in full size*

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BTS Pictures of Ian on The Passage Set

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Since August, Ian has been working in Atlanta, shooting the first season of The Passage, premiering in early 2019 on Fox.

While his presence on The 100 and specifically how much of it there will be, remains very much a mystery (we’re hoping the best for Marcus Kane!), we are very excited for this new project of Ian’s.

Following Ian’s career has been a journey we cherish and we are looking forward to The Passage and getting to know Dr. Jonas Lear too!

BTS pictures of Ian on set are always some of our favorites and while Ian isn’t known to post many himself…..we’re always grateful to his cast mates and crew who do!

We’ve been fortunate to have some Passage ones posted by Director Jason Ensler @jason_ensler , actor Alain Uy  @theAlainUy  and actress Laura Steele @LauraISteele 

In addition to the set pictures we have below, Ian’s cast mate Alain Uy has shared two dinner pics, which included Ian….one with Annie too, when she recently paid a visit to Atlanta!

We love his “squad” dinner photos, lol and hope they continue!




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‘Penny and Desmond’ Together Again!

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Well sort of! 🙂

Sonya Walger set the Twitterverse and Des/Penny fans everywhere on fire last week when she tweeted this photo of herself and Ian! What a joy to see them together again!

‘Lost Fans Rejoice As Desmond And Penny Reunite In The Spot Where Characters First Met’

‘Lost Stars Sonya Walger and Henry Ian Cusick Reunite’

‘Lost’s Desmond and Penny Reenact Their First Meeting, Fans Go Wild’


Apparently Sonya was in Hawaii (possibly to do an episode of her book podcast with Ian, we hope!) and she and Ian posed for a photo in the same place Des and Penny first met on LOST! Penny first met Des at the monastery in Eddington, Scotland. The location was in reality, St. Andrews Priory School in Honolulu.

Sonya’s photo with her tweet simply read: “Reunited @hicusick #Lost”

To which Ian replied a short time later with his own tweet: “Where Penny and Des first met! So lovely to see you again @sonyawalger !”


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The Constant Chosen The #1 Best TV Episode Of The Century!

HIC's in there,Lost 26 August 2018 | Comments Off on The Constant Chosen The #1 Best TV Episode Of The Century!

Yes! We remember watching & holding our breaths, praying Penny would pick up the phone!

We watched what became one of the most talked about moments of TV.

The Constant IS the #1 Best TV episodes out of 100 episodes of the Century !

The 100 Best Episodes Of The Century

“The Desmond-centric time-travel yarn is a microcosm of everything Lost did expertly, and, just as crucially, it contains none of the pitfalls that hampered later installments. It’s a pitch-perfect modern TV cocktail, one part sci-fi, one part romance, one part reimagining of The Odyssey, with an Easter egg garnish, on freighter rocks.

WHAT IS THE EPISODE’S MOST ICONIC MOMENT?Do you remember what it felt like to hear that phone ring? To wonder whether Penny, on December 24, 2004, would pick up as Desmond, mad with need, unstuck in time, had begged her to back in 1996? Can you still hear that first crackly “Hello?,” still see Desmond’s brow wrinkle, pulling in on itself as he finds his anchor, fully comprehending at last what one person can be for another?

Lost was never only Desmond and Penny’s show. That, however, is part of the grand achievement of “The Constant”: Great TV doesn’t have to be about the who, but it usually has to be about the why, and in the fifth episode of its fourth season, with its main players largely sidelined or reduced to exposition-seeking roles, Lost found its why with more clarity than it had before or would after or than most shows ever do in their runs. Whether we’re on a mystical island or an ominous freighter or back in the rhythms of our own dreary lives; whether we’re in the past or the present or the future; whether we can even tell the difference; the bonds that matter most will tether us and reveal our true selves. “No matter what,” Penny says, and Desmond answers: “I’ll come back to you.” And so will we, to “The Constant.” I promise.

HOW DID THIS EPISODE INFLUENCE THE FUTURE OF TV?It’s reductive to say that Lost changed television in ways both good and bad, but it’s also true. Part of the magic of “The Constant” is that it buoys the good while rising above the bad. It stands as a testament to the power of mythmaking and world building—of trusting the viewer to trace every thread of an arc, even when the characters can’t. But it also functions shockingly well as an isolated act, capable of serving as a treatise on the power of love, even if you don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of the show’s ever-expanding mythology. “The Constant” proved that the best episodes of television can simultaneously fortify the series’s mythology and be appreciated independently, unshackled from end-game speculation. Desmond and Penny’s love story reminded us that the most rewarding 20th-century viewing experiences can give us message-board fodder while allowing us to appreciate the work free from the theories and well-actuallying that dictate so much TV discourse these days. The message of “The Constant,” like its protagonist, is timeless: The puzzle may be fun, but heart will always be the heart.”

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Man of Science, Man of Faith – The Hatch Podcast – Interview with Ian

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Ian recently was interviewed on the The Hatch Podcast, hosted by @rozmurph & @Sammy_Roth (Twitter usernames)

They are doing a rewatch of LOST and in this podcast episode they discuss 2×01, Man of Science, Man of Faith which as all Desmond fans know, was Ian’s first appearance as the scotsman who appeared in the hatch!

It was very enlightening and entertaining to listen to Ian talk about that episode and LOST……the show many of his fans first came to know him from. Ian begins chatting about 17 minutes in…..

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Latest HIC Appearances – DragonCon and Legends&Stars WhiteCaps Charity Game

HIC's in there,Public appearances 26 August 2018 | Comments Off on Latest HIC Appearances – DragonCon and Legends&Stars WhiteCaps Charity Game

For lucky HIC fans who are in the area or are able to travel, the next few weeks brings two opportunities to see and meet Ian in person!

The first occasion is DragonCon fan convention in Atlanta, Georgia where Ian is currently filming season 1 of The Passage. The convention runs from Aug, 30 through Sept. 3.

He’s currently scheduled to appear on Fri, Sat, and Sun….Aug. 31, Sept. 1 and Sept. 2 provided his shooting schedule permits.  We will update with any changes should they occur before the start of the convention.  If you’re in the Atlanta area this Labor Day weekend, buy a con ticket and come say hi to Ian. He’d love to meet you!!

Convention info and tickets at their website here:

Anyone who knows Ian, knows he loves to play soccer! It was announced this past week, that Ian will be returning to play in the Vancouver Whitecaps charity game, ‘Legends & Stars’ which
features Whitecaps alumni and actors from The CW TV shows, in an hour long soccer match!  Ian participated in last year’s game and we are thrilled he was invited back again this year too. Several
of his 100 cast mates will join him. In addition cast members from Riverdale, iZombie, Letterkenny and Once Upon a Time will be playing too.
The game will be on Sept. 15 at 4:45 pm in Vancouver, BC.

More info here in this article, along with the link to buy tickets:

You Can Watch The Stars Of Riverdale Play Soccer In Canada Next Month And Tickets Are Only $5

If you are in the Vancouver area on Sept. 15, 2018……you don’t want to miss this fantastic opportunity to see Ian in action! We’ll be looking forward to seeing all the photos from this
awesome event!

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Video – The 100 Seasons – Ian’s Bloopers!

HIC's in there,The 100 26 August 2018 | Comments Off on Video – The 100 Seasons – Ian’s Bloopers!

Thank you to our talented CG assistant, Tat @Tat_Yatanis …..we now have all of Ian’s bloopers compiled on one very fun and amusing video!

It’s well known Ian can be quite the prankster on set and as you will see in this reel, as all actors do, he messes up sometimes too!  🙂


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Summer TCA2018 – The Passage

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Press:  ‘TCA 18: Fox’s The Passage Adaptation Will Contract Book’s Expansive Timeline’


It was exciting to see The Passage cast and crew appear at this year’s summer TCAs in San Diego, California!

Their panel was on August 2…….and there was an All Star party they attended later that night at the Soho House.

Find photos from both events in our photo album in the gallery here:  Summer 2018 TCA Press Tour The Passage  

and enjoy this video interview with Ian and co-stars, Caroline Chikezie and Vincent Piazza as they discuss the show!


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The 100: Translated Interview with Ian

HIC's in there,Interviews,The 100 26 August 2018 | Comments Off on The 100: Translated Interview with Ian

Thank you to Mona, on Twitter (@QuigslootplayB ) , for her translation help with this article!

The 100: “It’s fascinating to anticipate our end”

The 100 – “Echoes”  Pictured: Henry Ian Cusick as Kane 

Credit: Diyah Pera / The CW – 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

After the Lost cult show , actor Henry Ian Cusick returned to the big screen in The 100 , where he plays Marcus Kane, one of the main characters, since 2014. Metro met him on the occasion of the fifth season of the science fiction show, currently aired on CW and Netflix.

What was to be expected in this fifth season? 
We did not start the season when we left the series at the end of the fourth. There have been great changes, and the story shows what happened to the characters in the previous six years.

We sometimes have the impression that these science-fiction stories paint a realistic portrait of the future of humanity …
Yes, especially when we hear about global warming and the small number of actions taken to counter it. It’s like trying to kill yourself by radiation. In this season, we once again take a stand on what is happening in American politics and how it affects our planet.

How do you perceive the evolution of the series after four seasons? 
When we started, the series was pretty light. The pilot show might have suggested that The 100 was for teenagers: a light drama series. But we have moved towards something much darker; I really like that side and the way my character engages. At first, Marcus was a kind of authoritarian figure who followed all the rules. Now he is very peaceful, he holds to life in all its forms. He does not want to kill what he does not know anymore.

Why do you think that dystopia stories are so popular with young people? 
These stories have always been interesting. We have always been fascinated by the predictions of what the end of the world will look like. It’s fascinating to anticipate our end. And now, we do shows on zombies, on other stories of the genre, and it sticks to the wall.

It is now quite common to adapt books to the cinema. Do you think that a serial adaptation, on several episodes, allows to integrate more details? 
Yes, the series transmit these stories better than the movies. I even think that some films would have been better if they had been broadcast. However, for The 100 , I was asked not to read the book, since our version does not have much in common with the original material. My character, especially, is very different from that of the book, and I’m not curious to read the book because it has nothing to do with the version I play.

What is the success of the show? 
If anyone could explain why some series succeed, the others would only have to copy the formula and that would be all. I think with every success, even with Lost, there’s a little bit of magic that no one can reproduce. So we just have to continue doing what we can do, the best we can. With The 100 , we can say that we have a good script and that the story is interesting. These two factors combined should work well, but there is no magic formula for success.

The first of the series begins 97 years after a nuclear war that destroyed the planet, aboard l’Arche, a space station housing the survivors of the human race, when a group of 100 young criminals and delinquents are returned on Earth to test the conditions of life. But they are quick to point out that they are not the only humans to survive …


Link: From

The 100: “It’s fascinating to anticipate our end”